Can You Believe It!?

Here is what listeners are saying about the amazing exclusive opportunities they're going to.
“Loved it! Great event! Hoping to be able to attend future things and win more tickets to small, intimate gatherings like this. Thank you for the opportunity!”
Maria S.
“These events are amazing. Intimate, informative, exciting, and unlike anything else one can experience. The fact that Mrs. Maisel is a great show and that the actors involved are brilliant just made it better. The interviewer was well informed and did an exceptional job!”
Mark C.
“The event was very enjoyable! The music was great! I loved it!”
Joan L.
“Wanted to say thanks for the tickets to the Salt lake city show it was awesome. Really appreciate the tickets. Was an awesome show.”
Stephen R.
“We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves it was such a treat! We really appreciate getting the chance to be apart of these types of events. SiriusXM rocks!”
Natalie C.
“Loved seeing Kristen and Idina live in person and meeting them quickly after.”
Joseph D.
“SiriusXM has a fantastic team working for them. Everyone was so pleasant. The event itself was amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to attend. We had a great time.”
Margaret S.
“The music was great and Jeff Goldblum is charming. Thank you for inviting us.”
Shari N.
“Fabulous and exceptional performance! It showcased perfect harmony, pitch, and skills! Thanks to SiriusXM events, Mark Ruffin, and to Jeff Goldblum and company for perfecting the music so I could tell you this!”
Wilma J.
“What a great event. The live performance was excellent, Jeff and his band are very good. The host Mark Ruffin was excellent and kept the show moving along. The experience was so intimate and was something my son and I will not forget.Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this event. Also a shout out the the support staff for keeping everyone informed and coordinated.”
Dominick S.
“WOW, hopeful to get a copy 1619 Project, PDF for now. So informative on many different issues. Karen & Panel were outstanding.”
Deborah G.
“I was very pleased and excited to learn of the 1619 project. The shared information was enlightening.”
Jae W.
“Amazing panel and I love Karen Hunter even more! I walked away with some invaluable knowledge that has changed my thinking. Thank you Karen, the panelists, and the SiriusXM team for an amazing afternoon.”
Tanisha M.
“Very informative, Maria has an ease at being the moderator and seems very knowledgeable. The three professionals gave interesting information and were tops in their fields. My daughter and I enjoyed the one hour show and both learned new information about brain”
Marcia L.
“Very educational and interesting event. Learned about great resources for prevention of Alzheimer's as well as dealing with depression.”
Katherine S.
“The event was phenomenal! Fascinating subject matter, the experts were great and I learned so much. I now have a lot to think about, and concrete steps to implement. I wish it was longer... there was so much to learn and discuss. Wonderful job!”
Ellen G.