Can You Believe It!?

Here is what listeners are saying about the amazing exclusive opportunities they're going to.
“It was great!!! I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed it. I was going to email y'all to THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. Wayne Brady was very entertaining. I was overjoyed to hear that I was a lucky winner. The staff is so very friendly. Thank you guy's for making everyone feel so welcome and comfortable.”
Lavonne W.
“It was sooo fun. Staff was delightful and helpful. Wayne Brady was engaging, charming and "that boy can sing". Musicians were talented and the music was great. I am always enamored with wonderful professional musicians. What a gift. The host, Mr. Kelly was also charming and kept the hour moving with good conversation and good music.”
Judith Z.
“What a fun and entertaining afternoon with Wayne and Caymon. Our experience from registration to exiting 1221 Avenue of the Americas was professionally designed. Everyone we encountered was welcoming and helpful. Now Wayne was prepared, and delivered great talk, music, and comedy. We met some fellow SiriusXM subscribers who didn't know what to expect and were more than thrilled after the interview and performance.”
Karen B.
“It was very interesting and pleasant to meet such a brilliant, extraordinary woman, as Kathy Ireland. That was an unforgettable event!”
Lev B.
“Always fun to see and hear people tall their stories in such an intimate setting.
Great interviewer and a terrific venue combine to make it special.”
Mark C.
“I enjoyed the event very much. Sway and the crew did a great interview. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were awesome. Look forward to seeing the movie.”
Bridget Z.
“This was one of the best experiences of my life, I got the chance to meet two of my favorite actors. The whole interview was wonderful, Martin and Will are great and humble people. SiriusXM was very hospitable to me and my girlfriend. It felt like everyone was like old friends just sitting around catching up. Thank you SiriusXM for choosing me and I hope to be apart of more town halls.”
Keith J.
“This event was great! It was intimate and felt like I was listening in on a couple of friends talking.Thank you for putting it together and inviting subscribers! I cannot wait for another one.”
Xiomara B.
“I could hardly believe how close our group was to Joel and Victoria. It was a unique experience that I won't ever forget.Thank you, SiriusXM!”
Susan L.
“With the energy and excitement of the studios, the friendly and professional staff, and the celebrity guests - it was an amazing experience that will always be in my memory!”
Matthew D.
“It was such an honor and joy to have met Joel & Victoria in such an intimate setting. I left feeling so uplifted and prepared to start looking at life through positive lenses. I can't wait to start reading the book this weekend!
It was also very interesting to attend a radio broadcast it was my first time I'v had that experience.
Thank you again for the invitation I hope to visit the studio again in the future.”
Pamela P.
“I had a wonderful experience meeting the Osteens. They are beautiful people who love the lord and people.”
Carrol B.
“I loved it! Had such a great time and wonderful experience, thank you so much for having this!”
Melissa M.
“I was very impressed. It was a smaller setting than I thought. It was the highlight of my year. The photo opp and free book signing was icing on the cake. But the person I was most impressed with was the announcer. The way he managed the hour was great. He should be commended being the person behind the scenes.”
Cesare L.
“This event was expertly run. We were surprised with how intimate the setting was. The interview itself was insightful and funny. We consider ourselves lucky to have been selected for this event.”
Philip M.
“It was a pleasure to work with you in a professional, yet cordial atmosphere. Thank you for the opportunity, through SXM contests, to be with the Osteens in an intimate environment, and to have a photo op along with a copy of Joel's latest book, The Power of Favor.”
Susan L.